Armin Schwab

Since 2011 Armin Schwab is Vice President Manufacturing at Bosch.Read more

Andre Kuckuk

“The Pop in Your Job” Production technology is the key to the competitiveness of industrial companies. In every new product there are new challenges for the technologists, every new technology brings new opportunities for the products. Production technology always brings new tasks and only with new ideas is it possible to maintain one’s lead. ProductionRead more

Dr. Sami Krimi

“The Pop in Your Job” Was treibt mich an? Die unermüdliche Neugierde, insbesondere für neue Technologien und die Gestaltung von Entwicklungen sowie Organisationen CV Dr. Sami Krimi was born in Tunis in 1970. He is married and has a son. He studied mechanical engineering with focus on construction and development at the TU München (UniversityRead more

Stephen Bowers

Stephen Bowers is a petroleum chemist who has worked in the oil and petrochemical industry for 36 years. He has experience both in sales and marketing as well as new project development. His current role is focused around feedstocks for petrochemicals and primary light olefins production, especially steam cracking, fluid catalytic cracking, PDH and MTO.Read more

Jens Kaatze

“The Pop in Your Job” Digital topics dominate the current buzzword bingo, whole industries, if not even societies are in a state of change and with that uncertainty. Administrations and companies are reacting completely different to this situation – could there be a better time to deep dive into such unknown territory and to takeRead more

Jesper Toubøl

Jesper is heading up Elements and Moulds – Engineering. He has delivered organizational footprint and technology strategies within Element design and Mould Manufacturing – establishing Engineering centers in LEGO manufacturing sites in Mexico and Denmark. Responsibilities include delivering innovation to support product development and leading engineering on manufacturing sites.  During his work Jesper has profoundRead more

Dr. Andreas Grassmann

“The Pop in Your Job” Innovating manufacturing to the next level CV Dr. Andreas Grassmann holds a PhD in Physics and was working 28 years in various management  functions in R&D and manufacturing in the semiconductor industry. He was involved in the setup and startup of several frontend factories. In recent years he was leadingRead more

Rouven Vierfuss

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Rouven Vierfuß, born in 1982, studied industrial engineering and mechanical engineering at the Technical Universities of Braunschweig and Tampere, specialising in production and systems engineering. After several professional positions in the Miele Group, he has been Head of Production at the Oelde site since September 2018. The Pop in Your Job: Master new productionRead more

Jens Harde

“The Pop in Your Job” To face challenges and master them together with the people in the processes and to discover and develop talent in the process! In the end, something must remain. A motto has accompanied me since my early management tasks… “the leaders work is done when the people say we did itRead more

Stefan Zach

As Director Supply Chain Management (IT) Stefan Zach is responsible for processes and projects in SCM and plant floor at the Wieland Group. Many years he was director of IT production with responsibility for MES, optimization solutions, integration topics, ERP and Managed Services. Stefan Zach and his team developed and rolled out a sophisticated MESRead more

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