(6) ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING CAFÉ: The 5 Whys of Additive Manufacturing

Why Choose Additive Manufacturing over Traditional Methods Why Choose a Particular AM Technology Why Design For Additive? Why Choose Additive for Speed? Why Choose Additive for Materials?Read more

Case Study: The rise of generative design – Nature as Blueprint

Deterministic journey of product: From raw to semi, from semi to finished Stochastic journey of bytes: From data to Information, from information to decision Deterministic and stochastic environments in steel industry Shifting of deterministic decisions to “Machine Intelligence” Shifting of stochastic decisions to “Business Intelligence” Virtual Steering: non-human players as new “decision maker” Human-Machine-Computer-Robot interactionsRead more

Closing Keynote: Of clones and mutants – is it worth implementing 3D printing to solve technical problems in your own company?

How Deutsche Bahn solves the obsolescence problem with 3D printing Can additive manufacturing contribute to problem solving? How can 3D printing be implemented? How will 3D printing develop in the future?Read more

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