Workshop 4: Augmentation in the context of Industry 4.0 – Wearables as Integration enablers

What are the preconditions for implementing augmented reality in the production process? What are the expected benefits? Further advantages and use cases?Read more

(4) Tech CAFÉ: Scouting for new technologies in manufacturing

AR/VR: (new) tools for manufacturing and maintenance development and improvement: toward the ‘augmented operator’ Opportunities: ageing prevention, know-how transfer, cost efficiency Issues: change management, sustainability, ethical, unions Sales forecast, production and workforce planning, process control and improvement with Artificial Intelligence Opportunities: cost efficiency, quality improvement Issues: know-how availability, best practices Human Robot Cooperation: creation andRead more

Solution Study: Why creating value requires more than just the best algorithms

Machine Learning and other analytics techniques are resounding throughout the industry when it comes to Industry 4.0 projects. While everybody agrees on the critical role of analytics, we think it’s time to deflate some of the hype buzzwords – and expectations. This presentation aims to get real on how to apply machine learning to big dataRead more

Keynote: The digital journey of voestalpine High Performance Metals

Digital Transformation in the context of a world market leader in special steels: How we define digitalization and what are our focus topics? – Some applications: The worlds most advanced special steel plant Robotics in rough environments Advanced data analytics. Successes and lessons learned AR applications: How can they support in a useful way? TheRead more

Closing Keynote: Using pilot approach improve performance on quality, performance and ROI

Sensor technology opens new opportunities for data capture Predict quality, improve performance and cost Manage material variances and exploit new design opportunities Focusing on close loop approachRead more

(5) COMPETENCE CAFÉ: How can a competence team for the efficient digitization of a manufacturing company be built up? How does this work in addition to the actual main tasks?

How to establish a cross functional team of 35 employees to drive forward the Digital Transformation within the company How to create a Digital Journey for a  team and a whole company. What are the key elements to make a company fir for this challenge? Digitization is not a technical issue – it is anRead more

(2) INNOVATION CAFÉ: How can new technologies (AR, VR etc.) in the context of IoT help manufacturing to make production more efficient?

Which technologies exist and which of them are really useful? How do we get new technologies into the routine? What technological challenges await us in the future of the production sector?Read more

(1) DIGITIZATION CAFÉ: Digitizing the Production Process. Real-time analytics as a prerequisite for production optimization

How do we make the best of data-driven insights for production? What models offer the best results? What are the costs of data driven production? What examples regarding connected processes are worth considering (use cases)? How do we connect people, processes and technology?Read more

Keynote: A strategical view to tackle the mass of upcoming topics for smart maintenance and smart production together?

Technology is driving a major change in all processes of production and maintenance Handling all these changes is difficult even for big  asset owners Transforming brownfield assets is keen, political advantage A new way of collaboration is born 4opmc the Digital Lab for the industryRead more

Closing Keynote: Of clones and mutants – is it worth implementing 3D printing to solve technical problems in your own company?

How Deutsche Bahn solves the obsolescence problem with 3D printing Can additive manufacturing contribute to problem solving? How can 3D printing be implemented? How will 3D printing develop in the future?Read more

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