(6) ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING CAFÉ: The 5 Whys of Additive Manufacturing

Why Choose Additive Manufacturing over Traditional Methods Why Choose a Particular AM Technology Why Design For Additive? Why Choose Additive for Speed? Why Choose Additive for Materials?Read more

Workshop 4: Augmentation in the context of Industry 4.0 – Wearables as Integration enablers

What are the preconditions for implementing augmented reality in the production process? What are the expected benefits? Further advantages and use cases?Read more

(4) Tech CAFÉ: Scouting for new technologies in manufacturing

AR/VR: (new) tools for manufacturing and maintenance development and improvement: toward the ‘augmented operator’ Opportunities: ageing prevention, know-how transfer, cost efficiency Issues: change management, sustainability, ethical, unions Sales forecast, production and workforce planning, process control and improvement with Artificial Intelligence Opportunities: cost efficiency, quality improvement Issues: know-how availability, best practices Human Robot Cooperation: creation andRead more

Workshop 2: HR in Digital Manufacturing: A Support or Hindrance for Executives’ People Management?”

People topics in the context of increasingly automated production Impact of digital transformation on employees Strategic alignment of business and HR strategy The executive’s role in a future-oriented HR governance Automation of HR processesRead more


Two more World Cafe Rounds: New challenges, Solutions and Ideas. Find your Top 3 Key Take Aways!Read more

The moderators of the World Cafés – Introduction

The moderators of the World Cafés will briefly explain what topics they will discuss with you at the different round tables.Read more


WHAT IS A WORLD CAFÉ? World Café session are designed to help you discuss with colleagues and peers similar issues and challenges that everyone is facing in the industry. Not only will the conversation be moderated by an expert speaker, the aim of the session is to find real solutions to real world problems withRead more

Workshop Sessions

The Workshop Session offers delegates the opportunity to dive deep into a specialised topic of their interest. It leverages an exchange of experiences, challenges, questions and focuses on finding together possible solutions for common issues. New approaches and possible solutions are actively worked on in small, intimate groups.Read more


WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE YOUR PEERS SESSION? Challenge Your Peers sessions are designed to allow you to exchange ideas on a common topic with your peers. Here you have the chance to ask your questions, debate the answers and create a crowd-sourced, collaborative mind-map of the most interesting topic ideas. With topics directly generated fromRead more

Rethink! SPMS Europe Breakfast Club

Start the conference in the event hotel with coffee and … NETWORKING! Join the we.CONECT Breakfast Club – an exclusive area in your hotel – and get into a conversation with other delegates already while having your first coffee. *Please note that breakfast is included for hotel guests. Non-hotel guests can take part in breakfastRead more

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