(4) Tech CAFÉ: Scouting for new technologies in manufacturing

AR/VR: (new) tools for manufacturing and maintenance development and improvement: toward the ‘augmented operator’ Opportunities: ageing prevention, know-how transfer, cost efficiency Issues: change management, sustainability, ethical, unions Sales forecast, production and workforce planning, process control and improvement with Artificial Intelligence Opportunities: cost efficiency, quality improvement Issues: know-how availability, best practices Human Robot Cooperation: creation andRead more

Case Study: How can more cost-effective and manufacturer-independent systems be used for standardization in predictive maintenance?

VOIT Strategie Industrie 4.0 and how does it links to predictive maintenance? Where do we need standars for predictive maintenance and how do we implement them? Does predictive maintenance really save us money and how much should be invested in it?Read more

Case Study: RAMP – Reliable Assets Maintenance Program at Merck

Performance management -> Maintenance Strategy & Organization Continius improvement -> Tools and Systems for Maintenance Execution Tools and systems -> Performance Measurement & Continuous Improvement Platform integration/standards -> Standardization & Program Deployment  Read more

Case Study: From TPM to Predictive Maintenance

Associates competence to support the OEE improvement Autonomous Maintenance: A needed step to fix key parameters. Digitalization as a further step of visualization Selective sensoring to predict failuresRead more

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