Case Study: Smart production at the example of Body-In-White logistics @ BMW Group

Smart production for individual requirements Smart production and flexibility Smart production and value stream orientation Smart production through innovation and digitizationRead more

Case Study: Pilot project 5G campus network at OSRAM GmbH

OSRAM in the transformation process / industry 4.0 Strategy 5G requirements from an industrial point of view Elements and function of the 5G campus network Concept and introduction to existing plant structures using the Schwabmünchen plant as an example Use Case Example: Innovative AGV technology based on the 5G campus network Experiences and outlook onRead more

SUMMARY OF THE CONFERENCE DAY through i.CONECT and the conference chair

Read more

Case Study: Are we prepared for Industry 4.0? Showing our way of digital transformation

Increasing competitiveness through digitalization Findings and challenges from digital transformation projects Derivation  and implementation of necessary steps in the areas of data, people and ITRead more


Read more

The moderators of the World Cafés – Introduction

The moderators of the World Cafés will briefly explain what topics they will discuss with you at the different round tables.Read more

Keynote: The digital journey of voestalpine High Performance Metals

Digital Transformation in the context of a world market leader in special steels: How we define digitalization and what are our focus topics? – Some applications: The worlds most advanced special steel plant Robotics in rough environments Advanced data analytics. Successes and lessons learned AR applications: How can they support in a useful way? TheRead more

Case Study: Using pilot approach improve performance on quality, performance and ROI

Sensor technology opens new opportunities for data capture Predict quality, improve performance and cost Manage material variances and exploit new design opportunities Focusing on close loop approachRead more

World Café Harvesting Session

The moderators present the results of the World Café Round Tables.Read more

Keynote: A strategical view to tackle the mass of upcoming topics for smart maintenance and smart production together?

Technology is driving a major change in all processes of production and maintenance Handling all these changes is difficult even for big  asset owners Transforming brownfield assets is keen, political advantage A new way of collaboration is born 4opmc the Digital Lab for the industryRead more

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