Workshop 4: Why creating value requires more than just the best algorithms

What’s new? From optimizing selectively to optimizing the (internal) supply chain to collaboration with partners along the value chain How to make best use of the opportunities new technologies offer? How to start and run a new project (pain points, value proposition, ‘get out of the house’, iteration, agile,…)? Human centricity as (THE?) important factorRead more

Workshop 2: HR in Digital Manufacturing: A Support or Hindrance for Executives’ People Management?”

People topics in the context of increasingly automated production Impact of digital transformation on employees Strategic alignment of business and HR strategy The executive’s role in a future-oriented HR governance Automation of HR processesRead more

Keynote: Of clones and mutants – is it worth implementing 3D printing to solve technical problems in your own company?

How Deutsche Bahn solves the obsolescence problem with 3D printing Can additive manufacturing contribute to problem solving? How can 3D printing be implemented? How will 3D printing develop in the future?Read more

Workshop 1: How do you manage to interest your employees in the topic of industry 4. 0/digitalisation, take away their fears and motivate them for further training?

What skills do employees need to move in a digital work environment? What challenges do employees face? (Data protection, home office, e-learning on shop-floor level) What challenges organization face? (new learning, self-learning, leading people, home office)Read more

Case Study: How can more cost-effective and manufacturer-independent systems be used for standardization in predictive maintenance?

VOIT Strategie Industrie 4.0 and how does it links to predictive maintenance? Where do we need standars for predictive maintenance and how do we implement them? Does predictive maintenance really save us money and how much should be invested in it?Read more

Panel discussion: How to materialize industrial value with the help of Digital Tools?

As the topic of industry 4.0 increasingly arrives in reality in the form of concrete projects, risks are crystallizing out as well as opportunities. Knowing and addressing these risks is not only essential for successful project work, but also in order to subsequently raise the predicted potentials. Can digitalisation and the associated technologies already contributeRead more

Case Study: RAMP – Reliable Assets Maintenance Program at Merck

The Maintenance Management System (MMS) of Merck is an advanced approach to standardize, harmonize and deeply improve the maintenance practices in all Healthcare Biotech, Pharma and Development sites of Merck. It covers with 28 Standard-Elements all aspects of maintenance organizations and interfaces with project engineering, production, quality, EHS, controlling and procurement. The “Reliable Assets MaintenanceRead more

Case Study: Toyota Production System and Quality Management at Toyota Material Handling – Case Example

Short introduction Toyota Way and TPS Example Quality improvement Dantotsu Project on QualityRead more

Case Study: Integration of Smart Automation in the Bosch Production System

How can Smart Production be successfully implemented and how can the scaling challenges be overcome? Can standardization problems be overcome quickly? (tool landscape, data standards, process architecture Which role plays lean management - from KPI to process approach?Read more

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