Workshop 2: HR in Digital Manufacturing: A Support or Hindrance for Executives’ People Management?”

People topics in the context of increasingly automated production Impact of digital transformation on employees Strategic alignment of business and HR strategy The executive’s role in a future-oriented HR governance Automation of HR processesRead more

Solution Study: Optimizing metrics for smart manufacturing processes – Three keys to sustaining excellence

Organizations that have leveraged excellence principles to achieve success often find sustaining that success to be extremely challenging. This presentation will explore three key factors to enhance the probability of sustaining hard-fought improvements. Engaged, tangible leadership. Leaders from supervisors to C-level officers need to engage regularly and predictably with established processes and metrics. This engagementRead more

Case Study: The digital journey of voestalpine High Performance Metals

Digital Transformation in the context of a world market leader in special steels: How we define digitalization and what are our focus topics? – Some applications: The worlds most advanced special steel plant Robotics in rough environments Advanced data analytics. Successes and lessons learned AR applications: How can they support in a useful way? TheRead more

Closing Keynote: Of clones and mutants – is it worth implementing 3D printing to solve technical problems in your own company?

How Deutsche Bahn solves the obsolescence problem with 3D printing Can additive manufacturing contribute to problem solving? How can 3D printing be implemented? How will 3D printing develop in the future?Read more

Panel discussion: How to materialize industrial value with the help of Digital Tools?

As the topic of industry 4.0 increasingly arrives in reality in the form of concrete projects, risks are crystallizing out as well as opportunities. Knowing and addressing these risks is not only essential for successful project work, but also in order to subsequently raise the predicted potentials. Can digitalisation and the associated technologies already contributeRead more

Case Study: Maintenance management at Merck

How looks the Maintenance Strategy & Organization? Wich Tools and Systems for Maintenance Execution do we use? How looks the Performance Measurement & Continuous Improvement? Standardization & program delivery – what problems did we have to overcome?  Read more

Case Study: Workforce developments in the digital factory

The Toyota Production System is based on people engagement. As a result of increased use of digital technologies, the boundary between the real and the virtual world is increasingly blurring, giving birth to what are known as cyber-physical production systems. Industry 4.0 is bringing lasting changes in the workplace. Technologies that connect things, data, andRead more

Case Study: Integration of Smart Automation in the Bosch Production System

How can Smart Production be successfully implemented and how can the scaling challenges be overcome? Can standardization problems be overcome quickly? (tool landscape, data standards, process architecture Which role plays lean management – from KPI to process approach?Read more

Icebreaker 3: Is connected manufacturing disconnecting the workforce? New challenges for the new normal!

How do we merge technology with human skills? New skills, for whom? Workers only? Managers? How do you handle workforce transformation (re-skilling) in your company? How do you enable your employees to be decision-makers and not only operators?Read more

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