Keytopics 2020

  • The Future of Smart Manufacturing: From robotics to AR, these new technologies push the envelope and embody the idea that smart manufacturing is slated to become the next Industrial Revolution.
  • Smart Future Factories & Highest OEE Scores: Will Hyperconnected Factories, Autonomous Factories or Collaborative Product-Service Factories prevail? What will the factory of the future look like? | How can we achieve an OEE score of 100%?
  • Innovative Technologies: How does technology (AI, ML, AR etc.) help simplify complex processes by combining thousands of components into precise processes and shortening long instructions?
  • Connected Machines: Communication among machines and robotics on the factory floor, purchasing departments, and digitally run truck fleets and materials suppliers.
  • People empowered by IT: Connected to the data and supported by automated analytics, managers and supervisors can achieve a higher level of wise decision-making.
  • Digital Visualization & Future of Additive Manufacturing: Real-time and predictive analytics – Real-time data collection and automated review using powerful algorithms. Turns data into insights. | Organic vs. Inorganic Growth Strategy Options – Advantages and Disadvantages.

The Multi-Touchpoint Sessions!

  • The most effective and engaging informal networking hub to reach a maximum ROI – personal dialogue, direct exchange and numerous opportunities to optimize your relationships and meet executives.
  • 6+ World Café Sessions, Keynotes, 20+ Best Practices and Benchmarks, Tech Takes, Icebreaker Sessions, Live project evaluation, Training & Lunch Sessions, Event App & Matchmaking Platform hubs 101.
  • There are extensive opportunities to network and build relationships with fellow delegates in our multi touchpoint sessions!

What's new?

  • Say Hello!? – Meet your Peers and Colleagues at the beginning of the summit. Have your business cards ready!
  • Breakfast Club – Start Day 2 of the event with Coffee and … NETWORKING!
  • Challenge your Peers Session – Ask your questions, debate the answers and create a crowd-sourced, collaborative mind-map of the most interesting topic ideas.
  • Event App with Business Tinder Feature – Use our unique online matching platform to make new connections, arrange meetings and find tailored solutions to your needs.


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