Panel discussion: How to materialize industrial value with the help of Digital Tools?

As the topic of industry 4.0 increasingly arrives in reality in the form of concrete projects, risks are crystallizing out as well as opportunities. Knowing and addressing these risks is not only essential for successful project work, but also in order to subsequently raise the predicted potentials.

  • Can digitalisation and the associated technologies already contribute to an increase in value today?
  • The control of technical risks: How do you get your IT infrastructure, standardization, cyber security, edge computing, machine learning & automation into one line?
  • Industry 4.0 & Change Management: How do you take your employees with you?
  • How to find the right balance between technology, innovation, management and process improvement?
  • Human factor: What challenges does communication between humans and machines bring, also with regard to job security?
  • Networking & data protection: Do you know the rights of your employees & your customers?
  • Training of specialists & development of know-how: To what extent do you pursue strategic employee planning?


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