Keynote: The digital production roadmap @ Schaeffler

Determination of expediency Implementation (human factor, development, controlling) The roadmap (from the strategy to concrete projects to routine) Digital measurement of valueRead more

(4) Tech CAFÉ: Scouting for new technologies in manufacturing

AR/VR: (new) tools for manufacturing and maintenance development and improvement: toward the ‘augmented operator’ Opportunities: ageing prevention, know-how transfer, cost efficiency Issues: change management, sustainability, ethical, unions Sales forecast, production and workforce planning, process control and improvement with Artificial Intelligence Opportunities: cost efficiency, quality improvement Issues: know-how availability, best practices Human Robot Cooperation: creation andRead more

CHALLENGE YOUR PEERS ROUND TABLE 5: Is your organization ready for Industry 4.0?

What needs to be considered when implementing “Industry 4.0” regarding: Process improvements? Operational improvements? Adoption of new technologies? Workforce and Budgets?   *tba. reserved for Business PartnerRead more

Keynote: The digital journey of voestalpine High Performance Metals

Digital Transformation in the context of a world market leader in special steels: How we define digitalization and what are our focus topics? – Some applications: The worlds most advanced special steel plant Robotics in rough environments Advanced data analytics. Successes and lessons learned AR applications: How can they support in a useful way? TheRead more

(5) COMPETENCE CAFÉ: How can a competence team for the efficient digitization of a manufacturing company be built up? How does this work in addition to the actual main tasks?

How to establish a cross functional team of 35 employees to drive forward the Digital Transformation within the company How to create a Digital Journey for a  team and a whole company. What are the key elements to make a company fir for this challenge? Digitization is not a technical issue – it is anRead more

(3) Operational Excellence CAFÉ: Which Challenges do we have in the Operational Excellence in the Ford Electronic Manufacturing Supply base?

Challenges to reach and maintain ZERO DEFECT MINDSET in Electronic Manufacturing environment Leadership that moves the “thing” Limitations that Organization needs to overcomeRead more

(2) INNOVATION CAFÉ: How can new technologies (AR, VR etc.) in the context of IoT help manufacturing to make production more efficient?

Which technologies exist and which of them are really useful? How do we get new technologies into the routine? What technological challenges await us in the future of the production sector?Read more

Workshop 1: How do you manage to interest your employees in the topic of industry 4. 0/digitalisation, take away their fears and motivate them for further training?

What skills do employees need to move in a digital work environment? What challenges do employees face? (Data protection, home office, e-learning on shop-floor level) What challenges organization face? (new learning, self-learning, leading people, home office)Read more

Workshop 3: How can digitalization support administrative processes in the factory?

What are the working processes like using different software solutions? Can these solutions be linked efficiently? How do employees work efficiently with isolated solutions? Can we link innovation fragments to become more productive? How do I provide targeted information without too much input to the employees? How do production structures change due to digitization inRead more

Case Study: How can more cost-effective and manufacturer-independent systems be used for standardization in predictive maintenance?

VOIT Strategie Industrie 4.0 and how does it links to predictive maintenance? Where do we need standars for predictive maintenance and how do we implement them? Does predictive maintenance really save us money and how much should be invested in it?Read more

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