The Smart Factory Navigator - Driving Operational Performance and Digital Services

The need for manufacturing companies to transform and digitalize production processes has been growing since years and is also reaching smaller enterprises. Before realizing any digitalization, projects decision makers are facing a plethora of different necessary decisions and questions. What is the right solution for their specific business’s needs? How can they secure the expertise and support in the realization of their project? Which solution truly delivers value to their enterprise? Lukas Budde is giving in his presentation insights into the platform they have developed to guide and find for every enterprise the right use case and technological solution to draw expertise for their own projects. Including more than 800 case studies from a variety of sources, the data base offers for every new project the right use case and therefore business insights for their planning of the respective project.

  • A database with 800+ use cases from practice
  • Framework with 44 most beneficial use-cases for smart manufacturing
  • A platform that matches industrial needs with technological solutions and guides the identification of smart manufacturing use cases
  • Smart manufacturing implementation process

Lukas Budde

Devision Deputy and Post-Doc
University of St.Gallen


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