Building new networks for data exchange - New ecosystems and value chains in the automotive industry and manufacturing sectors

The current transformation of the manufacturing and automotive industries is additionally massively influenced by geopolitical disputes, pandemics and climate change. Material flows must therefore be traceable throughout the entire value chain. This is a challenge that no company can solve on its own today. To do so, it is necessary to enable the digital flow of information across entire supply chains. But many suppliers in the manufacturing and automotive industries are extremely uncertain about the added value of sharing their data. This is where open data ecosystems come in. A trusted architecture for these ecosystems is provided by Gaia-X, the project that introduced the idea of data sovereignty, security and interoperability for decentralized systems. The presentation will explain the concept of the architecture and the ecosystems of Catena-X the network for date exchange.

Johannes Diemer

R&D Coordinator


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