From Building to Selling – Implementing AI-based Smart Maintenance Applications in your processes and products

Artificial Intelligence has a lot to offer when it comes to more efficient and better production processes. In regard to maintaining assets, it provides manufacturers with the possibility to act preventive instead of reactive and therefore to prevent unplanned shutdowns as well as to ensure a continuously high quality of your products. Walter Schubert, Senior Manager Product Management DXQ at the Dürr Systems AG explains in his presentation of preventive maintenance measures can be successful and profitable. In a first step he puts the focus on the role of interdisciplinary teams to create a solution that really fits the needs of the shopfloor. In a second step he then builds the bridge to selling such smart maintenance as part of a new asset to clients.

Learn how to

  • Build interdisciplinary teams to create solutions that really fit the specific needs on the shopfloor
  • Benefit from Artificial Intelligence in maintaining your asset
  • Sell the solution to a problem that does not yet exist

Walter Schubert

Senior Manager Product Management DXQ
Dürr Systems AG


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